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Automatic Bank Draft Service

Save time and money paying your City of Lincoln Utility Bill

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I hereby authorize The City of Lincoln to deduct funds from my account at the above indicated financial institution to pay my monthly utility bill.  I understand that both The City of Lincoln and my financial institution reserve the right to terminate this payment plan or my participation therein.  In addition, I may stop automatic bank draft service by notifying The City of Lincoln in writing.  I further understand that if two payments are returned because of insufficient funds within a six month period, my participation in the Automatic Bank Draft (ABD) service may be automatically cancelled.  Additionally, payments returned due to insufficient funds are subject to a return check fee of $25.00.


By authorizing The City of Lincoln to deduct funds from my account, I acknowledge that payment of my utility bill remains my sole responsibility.  I agree and understand that The City of Lincoln cannot be responsible for any failures of my financial institution to transfer funds, failure of mine to maintain sufficient funds in the paying account, or for any failure of transfer due to problems arising from the Automatic Bank Draft payment service.